Menù Ristorante La Tavola Rotonda

La Tavola Rotonda


Menu à la carte


Bruschetta with Altamura bread and buffalo burrata mozzarella                                                       10.00

Vegetable flan with cheese fondue sauce  (Piedmont’s traditional)                                                    10.00

Lard and fresh cheese with honey and hazelnuts                                                                                 10.00

Sliced veal with tuna and caper sauce (Piedmont’s traditional)                                                          10.00

Fassone beef tartar with ricotta cheese quenelle and vegetables                                                      10.00

Fried vegetables                                                                                                                                          11.00

Shrimp tartar with apples and celery                                                                                                      13.00

Sea scallops au gratin                                                                                                                                 12.00

Norwegian smoked salmon, tuna and swordfish                                                                                  14.00


Orecchiette pasta with clams, wild fennel and pistachio sauce                                                            13.00

Soupe grasse (soup with broth, bread and cheese, Bardonecchia’s traditional)                                 9.00

Noodles with white lamb meat sauce and boletus                                                                                 10.00

Homemade dumplings with bacon, truffle and thyme                                                                          11.00

Strangolapreti pasta Trento style                                                                                                            10.00

Garganelli pasta with spring onions, pumpkin flowers, shrimps and saffron                                   11.00

Cabette dumplings with deer meat sauce                                                                                               10.00


Angus steak                                                                                                                                                20.00

Pork loin with herbs                                                                                                                                  14.00

Grilled lamb ribs                                                                                                                                         15.00

Fassone beef sliced steak with Castelmagno cheese                                                                            19.00

Boar stew   (Piedmont’s traditional)                                                                                                        12.00

Wiener schnitzel marinated in vinegar (Piedmont’s traditional)                                                         11.00

Deer ribs with thyme, red onion and white pepper                                                                              15.00

Beef rib-eye steak 900/1000 gr                                                                                                                24.00

Tuna steak sashimi style                                                                                                                           16.00

Water          2,00 €                   Service       2,00 €


Meat Menu

Boletus flan with castelmagno cheese sauce and sliced veal with tuna and caper sauce


Noodles with deer sauce


A homemade dessert


A glass of red “Barlé di Pelissero” wine

Water, service, coffee

€ 25,00

Fish Menu

Sea scallops au gratin


Dumplings with tuna sauce, cherry tomatoes and pumpkin flowers


A homemade dessert


A glass of white “Montelvini” wine

Water, service and coffee

€ 30,00