Menù Ristorante La Tavola Rotonda

La Tavola Rotonda

Menu à la carte


Cuttlefish with its black and parsley, on a pea creamy sauce                                                             15.00

Grilled octopus with capriata (fava beans and chicory)                                                                       15.00

Dried beef “Mocetta” with green salad, blueberries and balsamic vinegar                                      12.00

Traditional sliced veal with tuna sauce (Piedmont’s traditional) (3-4)                                               11.00

Piedmont’s Fassona beef tartar with vegetables  (7-9)                                                                         11.00

An Italian selection of cold cuts and cheese served on a cutting board, for 2 persons (1-7)         30.00

Bruschetta with Altamura bread with “panzanella” (mixed tomatoes, onions, cucumber and basil) and buffalo burrata mozzarella (1-7)                                                                                                              12.00

Vegetables flan with cheese fondue (1-3-7)                                                                                           10.00


Orecchiette pasta with fish and ginger                                                                                                   14.00

Tagliolini with boar sauce and rocket sauce (1)                                                                                     12.00

Vegetarian ravioli on an eggplant sauce, buffalo mozzarella and anchovy scent  (1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                     10.00

Homemade dumplings with blue toma cheese and almonds (1-3-7)                                                10.00

Occitan Cajettes au gratin   (1-7)                                                                                                               10.00

Plin ravioli with meat filling on a mozzarella and cheese sauce and extra-virgin oil                       10.00

                                                                                        Main courses with a side


Sautéed shrimps with brandy (2)                                                                                                              15.00

Grilled Argentinean Angus beef                                                                                                                20.00

Sliced Piedmont’s Scamone beef, rocket, parmesan flakes and tomatoes (7)                                  19.00

Sautéed deer ribs with herbs                                                                                                                    16.00

Pork filet rolled with lard                                                                                                                            15.00

La Tavola Rotonda mixed salad                                                                                                                14.00

(mixed salad, goat fresh cheese, black Ligurian olives,  egg, lampascioni onions, tuna and speck)

Grilled lamb ribs with herbs                                                                                                                     16.00

Water          2,00 €                   Service       2,00 €

Some products may be frozen

Meat Menu

Bruschetta with Altamura bread, panzanella and burrata mozzarella

Plin ravioli with Fassone beef sauce and mushrooms

A homemade dessert

A glass of red “Barlé di Pelissero” wine

Water, service, coffee

€ 30,00

Fish Menu

Sautéed mussels and clams

Orecchiette pasta with seafood

A homemade dessert

A glass of white “Montelvini” wine

Water, service and coffee

€ 35,00